Photography Project

Pod 2 & 3 students have been taking some great photos as a part of our digital photography unit in Art. We have taken over 700 pictures while experimenting with extreme angles and close ups of everyday objects.

A few of the Pod 3 students have also met with a photographer, Aldona Kmiec, as part of the Ballarat City Council’s We R You project. Stay tuned for more updates. Here’s a link to the project.

Plus another 12 of our cracking pics…


Colour My Community Cafe

This Thursday (14th Feb), we will be reopening the cafe students the students at Yuille.

This year the kids will gain training from outside companies in food handling and coffee making.  They will be able to add these certificates to their resumes.

Our goal in this program is to be able to give kids a “hands on” experience, helping them to become “work ready” through the running of the cafe.  Our food simple, fresh and delicious, is made in our kitchen, mostly using produce thats available from our veggie garden, and eggs from our lovely hens.  There will be a big focus on customer service….body language, grooming, how we speak to customers and to each other.  Other skills they will gain is handling money, bookkeeping, making espresso, cleaning, team work, being responsible of own actions, working under pressure, working with different personalities.

The cafe is open to staff and the general public on Thursdays 9:30-2.

Watch this space for future blogs from our cafe team and what’s on the menu!!!

Cheers! Nat.