Kitchen/garden program


We are in the swing of our kitchen program now, with Pod 3 kids and pod 2 students really getting stuck in and cooking (and most importantly eating!!!)

Terms 1 and 2 is all about loads and loads of produce from our large and flourishing garden, so in most classes we have at least one group whipping up a batch of jam, pickles or anything in the way of preserving.  It never ceases to amaze me how much the students love to make them.

Our first week back Pod 3 kids made a beautiful spread!  We made antipasto with various ingredients from the garden and beautiful sour dough bread from Illawarra bakery.  We grilled zucchinis and slim jim eggplants, tomatoes too roast for words, juicy and plump from ripening in the summer sun.  Capsicum, a purple one, that turned green when we charred it! Soft cheeses too….mmm! Yummy! We finished off the feast with roasted cling stone peaches, in vanilla and sugar, served with yoghurt that was sweetened slightly with brown sugar and cinnamon.

The following week was “Pancake Week!” Shrove Tuesday is always a great excuse to make and eat pancakes!

So it was Stephanie Alexander’s Tomato and Basil Pikelets (from her book Kitchen Garden Companion), Salad of the Imagination and Little Dutch Pancakes w maple syrup

This week the students made Zucchini Fritters (gluten free, think it needed gluten to hold them together though!), Roasted beetroot, feta salad and peach and vanilla jam, nectarine jam.

Our Pod 2 students had their first week in the kitchen.  As they were quite little we made some lovely scones and strawberries macerated in muscavado sugar and balsamic vinegar, and cinnamon yoghurt.  These delightful little cooks also made a batch of scones for an elderly group who a come in every fortnight (ages between 70 and 102 yrs old).

Our guests were so excited that they had scones from which the kids had made with the jam from which the older students had made.  We will try to incorporate some of these baking skills during these times to share with this lovely group.

Written in February

Pod 2 & 3 Tessellations

This week we created some of our own tessellations using instructions from

I think they have turned out very well.

Some suggestions for you if you’d like to give it a try…

1) Use thick paper for your stencil (at least 110 GSM)

2) Don’t go too small…we started with drawing our designs on to A4 but quickly moved up to A3 paper

3) Use bright, contrasting colours…some students chose more subtle colour combinations but I preferred contrasts to make them really leap off the page

4) Try outlining the pattern in black for greater emphasis

Here are some of our creations at different stages of completion. I was blown away by how complex Karlea’s pattern was and how patiently she went about tracing it onto her paper…it was so amazing that I photocopied it so we could colour it in more than once.

How about cutting out paper with different  colours and textures and sticking the pieces down to create your own tessellation?

Active After School Community

AASC Term 2

A letter has been given to your child regarding their place in the AASC for term 2. 

The AASC Basketball program for term 2 will commence on Monday 29th of April and Wednesday the 1st of May and run for 7 consecutive weeks, with the last session on the 12th of June.

Monday POD 2 / 3

Wednesday POD 1

All activities will run from 3.30pm until 4.30pm and is free. Your child will be provided with a healthy snack.

All sessions will be conducted at school.

Term 2 Thursday Basketball Competition

Yuille Park Basketball Competition is back!!

What? Yuille Park plays a game of Basketball against other schools.

Where? At the Ballarat Miner Done

When? Starts this Thursday 2ndof May.

Cost $ 3 per game.


If you would like your child to join this exciting competition we are having a parent meeting Monday morning at 9am in the community lounge.

Pod 2 space shuttles

Pod 2 students have been creating space shuttles for a number of weeks as well as mug trees.

To achieve this they have been introduced to hand tools such as tenon saws and smoothing planes. This has challenged their creativity and fine motor skills. 

The students have enjoyed the challege and are rather proud of their achievements.

3D & Tessellations

At the end of Term 1, we practised drawing to give the illusion of 3-dimensions. Using one point perspective, students drew a room and we also traced our hands, then drew straight lines to the hands but then curved them over the hand itself…3D hands on a 2D surface.

Check out some photos of our work from last term.

This term we’ve checked out M.C.Escher and his amazing tessellations…truly incredible. Hopefully we’ll have some of our own examples next week.