Pod 2 & 3 Tessellations

This week we created some of our own tessellations using instructions from http://www.tessellations.org/methods-diy-papercut.shtml

I think they have turned out very well.

Some suggestions for you if you’d like to give it a try…

1) Use thick paper for your stencil (at least 110 GSM)

2) Don’t go too small…we started with drawing our designs on to A4 but quickly moved up to A3 paper

3) Use bright, contrasting colours…some students chose more subtle colour combinations but I preferred contrasts to make them really leap off the page

4) Try outlining the pattern in black for greater emphasis

Here are some of our creations at different stages of completion. I was blown away by how complex Karlea’s pattern was and how patiently she went about tracing it onto her paper…it was so amazing that I photocopied it so we could colour it in more than once.

How about cutting out paper with different  colours and textures and sticking the pieces down to create your own tessellation?

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