Ned Kelly Bucket Art

Our Pod 3 students have had a history theme in Term 2. So over the past 4 weeks we’ve been using Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series of paintings as inspiration. Nolan created a simple cartoonish image to represent Kelly and this icon has become an instantly recognisable symbol for our most famous bushranger. Using white buckets, supplied from the Beechworth Bakery’s Ballarat store, we spray painted our background colours and painted our own scenes of the Kelly story on one side of the bucket. The other side was painted black with an eyeslot cut out with a renovator tool, to represent Ned’s helmet.

As the artworks are being completed, the buckets are being returned to where they originated – the Beechworth Bakery in Grenville St, Ballarat to go on display. Early next term there should be at least 30 around the walls and shelves of the bakery.

Modroc Lizards & Pinch Pots

Modroc is the name for the old plaster bandages doctors used to mend broken arms. The Pod 2 students have been creating lizards (and dinosaurs, scorpions, crocodiles, spiders etc) using soft aluminium wire and newspaper to create a skeleton and body for their creature. After they have posed the critter, they wet Modroc bandages and create a plaster skin. Once dry, it gets decorated with coloured tissue paper which is torn up and pasted on with wallpaper paste.

They are looking fantastic!

The Pod 1 students have made some pinch pots from earthenware clay and half of them are presently in the kiln. Fingers crossed none will go “pop”. One was turned upside down and made into a lion’s face & mane. Very creative, Imogen!