Pod two felting-click the link to watch a quick iMovie of the kids’ awesome felting work!

We wrote a procedural text to explain how we made our Picasso felted faces.

How to Make a Picasso Felted Face

You Will Need:
Pictures of Picasso portraits
Scrap paper
Black or white oil pastel
Dry felting needle
Dry felting block
Felt base
Wool tops

Step 1: look at Picasso’s artworks. Discuss with the class his style and how you could design your face so that it looks forwards and sideways at once.
Step 2: on scrap paper, plan your Picasso face design.
Step 3: copy your design onto your felt base with an oil pastel
Step 4: put your felt onto a foam block and put your hand up for a needle to be brought to you.
Step 5: lay a thin layer of wool over an area of your design. Hold your needle up nice and straight and carefully jab the wool many times to hold it in place.
Step 6: when you have filled in all the spaces of your face with brightly coloured wool, outline them using the same method with thinner wool.

Safety tips:
Always watch where your needle is going.
Keep your needle in the side of your foam when you are not using it.
Wait to have your needle handed out and collected so you don’t have to walk around with it.
Hold your needle vertically to avoid breakage.