Term 3 Art Wrap Up

What a busy term we have had!!!

Pod 1 students have tried using brushes to write Korean characters and seen how hanji paper is made; they also drew the designs on their woodwork bags and did some paper weaving. The Preps also had some extra time in the Art room…drawing, pasting and cutting – the chalk drawing on the concrete proved very exciting.  Both Pod 1 & 2 students have used tissue paper to decorate the lovely Korean masks that EJ brought to school.

Pod 2 students also tried their hands at dry felting before making their amazing penguins, which are on display in the Agora.

Pod 3 students started their free choice projects…drawing, construction, clay models; the variety of art works was amazing. Some of them even turned out well. 🙂

Finally all Pods had a go at yarn bombing in front of their classrooms. The students wound wool around trees, posts and through fences to brighten up the school ground.



Cooking with EJ, Kimchi Mandu

This week we started our cooking with the Pod 3’s Korean class.
EJ and myself decided a dumpling would be something the kids would love,as when introducing new foods to anyone it is always a good idea if it resembles something familiar, in this case similar to a dim sim.
We learnt that in Korea every home would have a jar of “Kimchi”, which is a traditional pickled, spiced cabbage (generally napa cabbage, I think we would recognise this as wombok?).
Having finding this hard to purchase in Ballarat (we will need to stock up from Melbourne), I googled some quick recipe versions with ingredients we could find from our supermarkets! Not quite traditional but similar!
Some of the boys made a dipping sauce we downloaded from the net, and EJ gave it the seal of approval!!!
We used wonton wrappers, but since then I’ve found a simple recipe, which I rolled the dough through a pasta machine to get the right thickness. I experimented with this and found it much tastier!
After preparing our filling we cut the wontons into circles filled, sealed and shaped them!
With some of our mandu (Korean word for dumpling), we steamed, and with others we fried in a little sesame oil.
Which reminds me, I must ask EJ if sesame is something that is used often in Korean cooking? As in some of the recipes I have come across tends to have a lot of sesame seeds or oil in them!
We thought over the next few weeks we would keep making these and perhaps a Kimchi Pancake too.
Here are some lovely pics of our yummy Kimchi Mandu we made!