Prep colour mixing

Preps have been doing lots of experiments to work out how to mix secondary colours. Some of our questions were:
-how do you make green?
-what do red and yellow make?
-if you mix a colour with paint, do you mix it the same way with dye?
We set up lots of tables with experiments to find out this and lots more!

















Term 3 Art Wrap Up

What a busy term we have had!!!

Pod 1 students have tried using brushes to write Korean characters and seen how hanji paper is made; they also drew the designs on their woodwork bags and did some paper weaving. The Preps also had some extra time in the Art room…drawing, pasting and cutting – the chalk drawing on the concrete proved very exciting.  Both Pod 1 & 2 students have used tissue paper to decorate the lovely Korean masks that EJ brought to school.

Pod 2 students also tried their hands at dry felting before making their amazing penguins, which are on display in the Agora.

Pod 3 students started their free choice projects…drawing, construction, clay models; the variety of art works was amazing. Some of them even turned out well. 🙂

Finally all Pods had a go at yarn bombing in front of their classrooms. The students wound wool around trees, posts and through fences to brighten up the school ground.




The Pod 2 penguins enclosure is pretty much complete. Our penguins are looking fantastic except for a few zombie ones which look freaky. Everytime we add an extra penguin, we have to clean up all the snow (bean bag filling) from the floor.

Thanks to all the people who brought in bottles. If you want to make a penguin of your own, it’s not too hard. Just follow the steps in one of our pictures.

Yarn Bombing with Pod 1

This term, we’ve been doing textiles in most classes. The preps have even made some pom poms.

Today two of the Pod 1 groups started yarn bombing four trees in front of their building. They wound wool and yarn around the trunks and branches. On Thursday the other two groups will finish of the parts they can reach. The trees are already looking quite glamorous.

Pod 2 & 3 projects on display

I love it when we can finally show off the finished work of our students.

Most of Pod 2 have now decorated their lizards/dinosaurs/axolotls/scorpions/spiders etc and they are looking fantastic.

The Ned Kelly buckets are now on display at the Beechworth Bakery – Ballarat and it looks like some of the buckets might even make it to Beechworth itself for their Ned Kelly week in August.

This term we are looking at a focus on textiles for Pods 1 & 2 and I’m trialling a design brief for the Pod 3 students where they can choose individual art activities to work on over the first half of the term. Wish me luck…this could get messy.

Ned Kelly Bucket Art

Our Pod 3 students have had a history theme in Term 2. So over the past 4 weeks we’ve been using Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series of paintings as inspiration. Nolan created a simple cartoonish image to represent Kelly and this icon has become an instantly recognisable symbol for our most famous bushranger. Using white buckets, supplied from the Beechworth Bakery’s Ballarat store, we spray painted our background colours and painted our own scenes of the Kelly story on one side of the bucket. The other side was painted black with an eyeslot cut out with a renovator tool, to represent Ned’s helmet.

As the artworks are being completed, the buckets are being returned to where they originated – the Beechworth Bakery in Grenville St, Ballarat to go on display. Early next term there should be at least 30 around the walls and shelves of the bakery.

Modroc Lizards & Pinch Pots

Modroc is the name for the old plaster bandages doctors used to mend broken arms. The Pod 2 students have been creating lizards (and dinosaurs, scorpions, crocodiles, spiders etc) using soft aluminium wire and newspaper to create a skeleton and body for their creature. After they have posed the critter, they wet Modroc bandages and create a plaster skin. Once dry, it gets decorated with coloured tissue paper which is torn up and pasted on with wallpaper paste.

They are looking fantastic!

The Pod 1 students have made some pinch pots from earthenware clay and half of them are presently in the kiln. Fingers crossed none will go “pop”. One was turned upside down and made into a lion’s face & mane. Very creative, Imogen!

Art Displays

One of the things I love in the art room is seeing the variety of work the students produce and getting it out for others to see. It often takes a while to get enough of the items completed but this week gone the tessellation displays have gone up in Pods 2 & 3, as well as a large school of fish and other sea creatures swimming in the Agora. These fish started out as a tracing around our shoes. One of the kids renamed the “foot fish” as FOOSH and the name stuck. Enjoy.






Mother’s Day

The Pod 1 & 2 students have been creating presents for Mother’s day in the Art & Woodwork rooms.

Mr Rantall had the Pod 1 students making little planter boxes which were later spray painted. When they visited Mr Westaway in the Art room, they made picture frames out of icypole sticks and drew pictures to go in their frames.

The Pod 2 students also made presents out of icypole sticks but they taped 6 sticks together so they could fold like a concertina. Once painted up, the sticks had a lovely message written on them.

Happy Mother’s Day.