Term 3 Art Wrap Up

What a busy term we have had!!!

Pod 1 students have tried using brushes to write Korean characters and seen how hanji paper is made; they also drew the designs on their woodwork bags and did some paper weaving. The Preps also had some extra time in the Art room…drawing, pasting and cutting – the chalk drawing on the concrete proved very exciting.  Both Pod 1 & 2 students have used tissue paper to decorate the lovely Korean masks that EJ brought to school.

Pod 2 students also tried their hands at dry felting before making their amazing penguins, which are on display in the Agora.

Pod 3 students started their free choice projects…drawing, construction, clay models; the variety of art works was amazing. Some of them even turned out well. 🙂

Finally all Pods had a go at yarn bombing in front of their classrooms. The students wound wool around trees, posts and through fences to brighten up the school ground.



It’s all happening in Woodwork

The Pod 1 students in the Art room were working on a project for Mr Rod the other week. Library bags were decorated with fabric markers & pastels which needed ironing to become colour-fast. (Mr Westaway thinks he’s Iron Man.) Now the Pod 1 students have somewhere to store their woodwork projects.

The Pod 2 trucks are looking great…the one in the photo is an Austin.

Pod 1 Playdoh

Didn’t we have fun today in woodwork? Mr Rod got out the playdoh and we created lots of models.

Check out Declan’s teddy bear and Chris’ spaghetti…

Pod 3 and Pod 2 completed models

The pod three boyshave been developing their skills to produce a breakfast trays. They have had to produce housing joints for the corners using a tenon saw  and a router plane and use wood stain and clear gloss finish.some examples of the finished trays follow. 

The Pod two students have been building periscopes with great success and have been very enthusiastic with the finshed product as you will see by the following pictures.

Mother’s Day

The Pod 1 & 2 students have been creating presents for Mother’s day in the Art & Woodwork rooms.

Mr Rantall had the Pod 1 students making little planter boxes which were later spray painted. When they visited Mr Westaway in the Art room, they made picture frames out of icypole sticks and drew pictures to go in their frames.

The Pod 2 students also made presents out of icypole sticks but they taped 6 sticks together so they could fold like a concertina. Once painted up, the sticks had a lovely message written on them.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Pod 2 space shuttles

Pod 2 students have been creating space shuttles for a number of weeks as well as mug trees.

To achieve this they have been introduced to hand tools such as tenon saws and smoothing planes. This has challenged their creativity and fine motor skills. 

The students have enjoyed the challege and are rather proud of their achievements.