Performing Arts


This year in Performing Arts, we have a focus of communication, creativity and expression. These focus areas are explored differently across the year levels, with activities such as:

  • School News Program – a ‘whole school’ edited news program which is screened at weekly assembly on Monday
  • Class Plays – a range of topics and genres are explored, filmed and edited for constructive commentary the following week
  • State School Spectacular – a group of students rehearse weekly for our final performance at Hisense Arena
  • Video Editing – students produce video clips to original or existing songs

We provide the opportunity for students to be creative, and our plays and skits are always ‘child-driven’, with students making decisions about storyline, characters, costume and editing.

Yuille Park is a technology rich school and we are lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard in the Performing Arts room, on which we display our class-made videos, rehearse dancing for State School Spectacular and play Wii dancing games.

We value inclusion, and are proud of what we can produce together.






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  1. I love your work on our weekly news, Jane…I’m not just saying that because I get to perform in so many of the skits either.

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