Visual Arts

In this first week, we looked at our 2 BIG rules in the Art room:

  1. Be SAFE
  2. Be NICE to each other

All the other rules fit under these two headings.

Pod 1 students started off with some smudging of pastels over their name while Pods 2 & 3 investigated how to make photos more interesting. After viewing a YouTube clip on photography tips Getting Started with the Basic Rules – “Digital Photography: An Introduction the children went around the school with cameras trying to see familiar items in new and unusual ways. Here are a few of their more unusual photos:




One thought on “Visual Arts

  1. Wow…the pictures look great and it is wonderful to ‘see’ our students using their photographers EYE around our school.
    I’m really looking forward to reading about and seeing the creative work of all the students.
    Good luck and get CREATIVE!

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